#1 Difference Between Guys Who "Suffer From Premature Ejaculation" & Guys Who "Last Longer in Bed"



What's the difference between guys who lose girlfriends due to premature ejaculation, and guys who overcome premature ejaculation and learn to become 'addictive' like a powerful 'drug' to women in bed? It's certainly not a "miracle creme" they picked up online or at the drug store. It's not a fancy 'sex position' that allows them to prolong ejaculation.


Believe it or not, heat reduces your sperm production. This is why your testicles remain on the outside the body near the scrotum so they are able to escape heat and produce normal volumes of semen.


If you want to get a hard erection and hold it for a longer period of time, you need to increase blood flow to the penis and while man made drugs can do this, so to can the proven combination of herbs enclosed - let's take a look at them and see how they work. The key to any erection taking place is nitric oxide, if levels are low no erection can occur and the reason why is - nitric oxide dilates and widens the blood vessels which feed blood into the penis, so more blood can enter it...