Are Penis Exercises Safe and Effective?



A lot of men might have considered penis exercises or jelqing at some point in their life. They must have also wondered about its effectiveness and safety. The reason behind all the skepticism is because it is not easy to seek information on penis exercises.


If you are interested in making your penis bigger from probably have read a lot of articles. You've probably read a bunch of blog and forum posts, and a whole bunch of web (and TV) advertisements as well. But if you've tried any of the products that many of these companies sell, you've probably found yourself VERY disappointed in the results you've been able to achieve. (me too!)


So what is the most simplest & effective way to last longer in bed? Many people think commercial products such as creams, pills, sprays, and special condoms are the best & primary ways to overcome premature ejaculation, but there are some drawbacks to using these methods.